Working method

Influence is based on the New York School of the Abstract Expressionists (de Kooning 1904-1997) and also from the dutch artist Ger Lataster (1920), who decorated the ceiling of the Mauritshuis in The Hague (Icarus Atlanticus).

My work is created on the spot without any prior plans. On the one hand, after a few hours, I feel that I have already achieved something. On the other hand I literally drag my work around for a week, talking against it until it is talking back to me. Then I can be satisfied. It is an associative and for ninety percent subconscious process. Sometimes it takes courage to repaint a beautiful part of the painting just because it “does not fit”. The brush movements are often strong and layer over layer. Also I like to paint with the use of my fingers. Finally I use hesitating strokes of chalk lines or pencil in the paintings. Subjects that are keep coming back in my paintings are: impermanence (eg sphere that drops from the canvas), old ruined walls, freedom and space, proximity and separation, loss. The combination of my work as a psychiatrist and my paintings are bearing fruit. The titels of the paintings are coming from the work of Anna Achmentova, Emily Dickinson, Sun Shuyum en Anton Tsjechov.

- “A picture is no more than dried paint” - Youp van ‘t Hek